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Deborah Van Duinen

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The Power of Reading in Community: “Brother, I’m Dying,” Community Partnerships, and Championing Student Accomplishments

Through our program, a group of high school teachers, college professors, museum and public library employees collaborated together during our month-long community-wide reading initiative centered around Edwidge Danticat’s memoir Brother, I’m Dying. Our “classrooms” became coffee shops, church basements, art galleries, and libraries. With our…
April 22, 2019

Real-World Reading in Middle-Grade Book Clubs

In 2012, I started a book club to engage local mothers and daughters from various backgrounds, contexts, experiences, and schools (i.e. public, charter, private, and homeschool). Among the other participants in this affinity space are moms and professionals from fields such as law, business, and…
April 19, 2019